Here’s an action packed clip of a mixture of sailfish and marlin on fly footage from our waters.

A short video from last year and one of my proudest moments in fly fishing, a solo free swimming sailfish

Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media and host of the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival, came to Exmouth to film queenfish on poppers. We experienced 4 days of amazing weather and fishing, not to mention have a heap of fun in the process. His movie Predator has been awarded with the highest recognition possible for a fly fishing film maker and was awarded the Drake Video Awards ‘Best Movie’ for 2012. A totally fun project to be a part of and congratulations to Nick for his achievement.

Blue bone on fly showing some of the action we get while wading

A short promo clip showing a selection of the awesome array of wildlife in the Marine Park, plus some fly fishing action of tuna, trevally, milkfish, sailfish and other amazing species that are found here.

Underwater footage of milkfish in Exmouth, showing their feeding patterns and schooling behaviour.