February is one of the hottest months and see the least tourism activity of the whole year and the least pressure on the fishery by recreational fishers.

Anglers can expect a mix of both inshore and offshore species.

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2 thoughts on “February

  1. Fantastic pictures ,I really enjoyed them. May be in the future I will get a chance to fish the area.
    Cheers Mike

  2. Jono Shales takes real good care of his clients. We were stuck in our rental unit due to Cyclone Iggy and bored to tears. Along came Jono and hauled our miserable butts on a drive-about to the top of the cape. We had a chance to see the SS Mildura wreck and the angry sea full of turtles. Just getting out to see some of Exmouth was a very thoughtful gesture on his part. Every small detail is one his radar, your knots, flies, and other tackle get his expert inspection. I can tell my friends I fished with a consummate fly fishing expert in Exmouth.

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