What rods will I need?
For flats and inshore fishing an 8/9wt rod and reel will be ideal. For tuna, offshore and larger pelagic fish a 10-12wt set up will be best. Reels with large arbours can retrieve line faster and reduces line memory. Reels should be loaded with a minimum of 200m of backing.

What flies should I bring?
Well weighted flies work well in Exmouth, the list below should cover most situations:
Weighted Clousers in size 1/0 and 2/0, olive over white, tan over white, chartreuse over white, grey over white …
– Surf candies in size 2/0, pink over white, all white, anything over white
– Crab flies in size 1/0, tan colour is good. These should be well weighted.
– Deceivers in size 4/0, 4-6 inches long
Poppers, gurglers crease flies and any other surface flies

Do you cater for lure and light tackle spin fisherman ?
Yes. Anglers will need to bring their own gear but throwing lures, poppers and plastics is fine.

Where is a good place to stay?
See the accommodation page on the website for suggestions. In order to make things easier for you, we are more than happy to inquire and make reservations on your behalf, this is not a problem.

Do you supply equipment and flies?
Anglers are encouraged to bring their own equipment, however if required, top of the range Orvis Fly Rods and Reels are supplied. Equipment is made available on the basis that any breakages or damages will need to be covered.

A selection of flies has been suggested above and anglers are encouraged to bring their own flies.

What’s the best time of year to come?
Fishing is generally always good in Exmouth. During the summer months the daytime temperatures are very warm and the area experiences cyclones during the months from late November to late March. During this time accommodation is readily available throughout the area. Fishing is generally less pressured and water is warmer during this time.

April through to October is generally the busiest time of year in Exmouth. Whale Shark Season starts at the beginning of April and the towns population virtually triples for 6 months. During this time the daytime temps are lovely and moderate and there’s no cyclones.

How do I book a trip?
For all inquiries please use the contact page, or email or phone +61 401 858 193

What are your terms and cancellation policy?
See the terms and conditions page