Fishing with kids

Fishing with kids is such a cool experience. They are keen anglers, willing to learn and are totally stoked when then catch big fish. My earliest memories fishing are still clear in my mind and I hope that these kids enjoyed the same and remember their time in Exmouth as something special. Sharing a passion like fishing and spending time with one of your kids or your parents on the water is amazing.

My wish is that these kids remember their time on the boat here in Exmouth as something that they will never forget. Watching a father’s face glow as their kid lands the biggest fish of their life and watches them release it, is absolutely priceless.

18 yr old Kirsty Hughes joined her father for a day out with me on the boat and managed this fantastic queenfish on the flats.

Teaching kids about the importance of catch and release and how we as anglers can play our part.

10 year old Angus from Canberra was on a family holiday and had the best afternoon’s fishing he’s ever had in his life. Ok he broke his rod on a big fish, but that’s all part of learning that big fish mean business.

Father Jeremy providing some support so Angus isn’t pulled overboard

10 year old Angus with his first longtail tuna. He went on to catch another 2 of these and dropped a couple more too.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, a school of golden trevally swims under the boat and young gun angler Angus dropped his lure right into the feeding zone.

My 10 year old niece Jasmine Dundas wanted to come fishing with her Dad and I one afternoon on a recent visit they did to Exmouth. First cast and she’s managed to hook her first longtail tuna!!

Arms get tired with big fish, this is where Dad steps in to offer some assistance

How could you not have fun if you’re out fishing with your Dad and hooking into the biggest fish of your life !!

Jasmine with the biggest she’s ever caught, well done girl !

I welcome any parents wanting to share a boat with their kids. It will be a day of learning, laughter and a fantastic outdoor experience for everyone. For all inquiries about guided fishing and available dates, please contact me here

One thought on “Fishing with kids

  1. “Jono, we are back home in chilly Canberra and Angus is asking if we can head back to Exmouth for the next holidays.

    That trip we did with you has featured and continues to do so in many of our conversations, it was certainly the highlight of the whole trip for Angus, thank you for helping make our visit to Exmouth an exciting and unforgettable one.

    Our trip the next day on the ‘traditional charter’ boat could not have been a more opposite contrast to the one we did with you, our trip with you was calm , peaceful, tranquil, and about protecting and appreciating the surrounds. Our trip with these guys was an interesting one as well, and we did catch plenty of fish! However we did experience the wildest seas and were the only ones out there that morning, it was also carnage on a grand scale, we wanted to put everything back except for 1 tuna but the guys insisted on keeping all we caught as they needed the food!!! We unanimously decided that “Bottom Bashing” with the war cry of ‘get those lines in the water and kill some fish’ was not our concept of fishing.

    I enjoyed being a spectator on your boat much more than I enjoyed being on the other one catching fish, so thanks once again an hope to see you again.”

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